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Najib got a website – 1malaysia.com.my

Okie this guy just joined the bandwagon at 1malaysia.com.my


Like any politician, things they do and say are often not consistent. Like orang Melayu say : “Cakap serupa bikin” and as for Hokkien : “Chui kong lampa song”

Why i say so ? See below


Look at the button, we have consistency for the first 3 : Video Download / Muat Turun, English and BM in one single tab, but come to the forth and fith we have two separate button for the same thing – Comments for DPM and Komen Untuk DPM.

C’mon dont tell me its coz of the length of text. There is always something called font size or alternatively just put – Comments / Komen. We don’t need a rocket scientist or a angkasawan to figure it out, rite? You sure can do better than this Mr Webmaster.

Next question is, how long will the webmaster take to realise and change it and how ‘much’ will it cost?

Oh ya, don’t past funny and sensitive remarks, coz Malaysia has ISA (I Simply Arrest / I Suka Arrest) act and currently thats the trend. Beware and be smart.

But in case you passed some remarks and it is deemed sensitive, worry not coz you will be protected by the police or Home Minister with the ISA ( I Security Awak) act. 18 hours minimum.

Cheers and enjoy his website.

Btw, i din bother browsing it.

Thank you for reading (this blog,not Najib’s), and if you enjoyed it, share it.

Oh ya, one last thing, we can’t view the comments posted. Biasalah, we have media freedom which is not free. Wonder if he reads it.

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