Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 – White/Blue Rakugaki

OnitsukaTiger Mexico 66- White/Blue Rakugaki


Nope, i don’t own it.

20 Thoughts on “Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 – White/Blue Rakugaki

  1. well, who knows… u may just own it soon… … … :P

  2. u dont own it but u r telling the world u wanna own it? hehe. issit?

  3. only if i can find it and can afford it.
    i m not telling the world i wanna own it but i want to share with good friends like SHUYIN what i like.Shuyin, my birthday is near.

  4. It looks better on print than in real life. Seriously.

  5. my birthday is near also. dont forget ya. let me think what i want and then i will post it in my blog. hehe

  6. jimmy: maybe you are right, i wont say this is the nicest looking Onitsuka, but i find it unique. Not often i come across such design. I love Saiko Runners too..you shud check it out.

    shuyin: you can post it up, but i will stay away from ur blog till feb. :)

  7. oni shit la…so expensive!!!!tak bermakna!!!!!buy psp for me better

  8. i think its we cant find it in malaysia anymore… i just bought it on ebay… eventhough its expensive i think its worth it…

  9. surely its worth it. onitsuka make one of the best shoes in the world. thanks for visiting tiger

  10. jaguar on January 24, 2009 at 9:02 am said:

    does anyone know where i can buy thiss ???
    i really want a some !!!

  11. tiger where did u buy those shoes and how much did you pay them ?

  12. Tiger where did you buy them on ebay ?
    im interested in buying these, anyone know where ?

  13. i already bought it.. my friends bought it straightly from JAPAN.. its worth it.. RM400…

  14. cool.. loving your new kicks ? i bet you do :)

  15. manggirie on February 19, 2009 at 11:43 am said:

    i do.. everyone interested?? contact me.. * my friend currently at Japan.. u wish to own rare Onitsuka which not sell in Malaysia.. do not hesitate to contact me..

  16. manggirie how to cntct u?

  17. Steven on April 5, 2010 at 2:50 pm said:

    hi where is the pic???I been looking for everywhere for the white blue Rakugaki pics but didn;t find it.I need that pic to show in the Hype shop in Australia because i seen it b4 in the shop pls thanks.

  18. Steven. I have uploaded the pic. Good luck in your sneaker hunt.

  19. Hello there, just doing some browsing for my Onitsuka site. Truly more information than you can imagine on the web. Not what I was looking for, but good site. Cya later.

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