I came across this, and i think i should share it.

I am Peter Stuyvesant. I have 2 friends, Benson and Hedges. I come from the city of Marlboro, in the Salem high country. I always carry a Mild Seven. One day i was on a White Horse. Going to Kingsway in Kent. It was Lucky Strike i fell in love with the daughter of Master Duke. Her name was YSL. We got married by Perillys, the priest.

We checked in at the house of Dunhill and booked into room number 555. I laid her on the bed made of Gold Leaf. I play with her two Matterhorns. When i POKED in my Rothmans King Size, she cried in delight, “You are a Rough Rider!!!”. You are riding like a mad Camel. When i asked her if she is satisfied. She answered, “I want MORE!!!”

Then suddenly she turned around and asked me if i want to enter her Gudang Garam. She said… depan belakang puas, barulah Sampoerna!!!

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